Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a wife, mom of 3 littles, and an avid crafter/DIYer.  Whether I’m gutting and rebuilding an entire space from scratch, making a holiday craft, sharing tips for hosting parties, or providing home decor inspiration; I’m here to teach and give you the tools (pun intended) and confidence to customize your life. 

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Mitre Station

Now that I actually have some saws and power tools its time to step up my garage workshop game.  No more cutting boards on the floor of the garage or balancing stacks of wood on either side of the mitre saw so boards don’t teeter saw back and forth. Since I’m a budget DIYer I decided to search Facebook Marketplace to see what I could find.  I came across a listing for this SOLID WOOD DRESSER FOR $10!!!!  It was missing a drawer but since its going in the garage and I’m not planning on using it as a dresser

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Room Renovations

Here are some of the spaces I’ve completely renovated.  Click on a room to see tutorials for every project I completed in each room! PANTRY The project that started it all! With an initial goal of simply reorganizing my pantry I somehow ended up gutting and rebuilding the whole thing… Laundry Room Just like the pantry, this room was large but not functional or pretty. Come see how I upgraded it to a relaxing rustic Parisian inspired space Garage Converting our 3 car garage into a mix of gym, DIY workshop, crafting room, storage, of course general garage space.  COMING

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