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DIY tutorials and inspiration for all types of decor! From lamps and vases to paintings and other art! 

Just like the pantry, this room was large but not functional or pretty. Come see how I upgraded it to a relaxing rustic Parisian inspired space

Converting our 3 car garage into a mix of gym, DIY workshop, crafting room, storage, of course general garage space. 

Boys Scottish Lodge Bedroom


With my two youngest now requesting separate rooms, I’ll be converting the playroom, that never gets used, into a boy’s bedroom that is both fun but also mature enough from him to grow older in.

With a desire for an ornate wallpaper that I couldn’t afford, I painted a mural, crafted some animal head chandelier sconces, and updated the furniture and bedding.

Is that wallpaper? Nope.  Did I really 5,489 hours to paint on every single line? Yes.  But look how amazing it turned out.  I also added some decals to the mirror, changed out the sconces and painted the faucet!

This was supposed to be a small update to organize the space with an old Ikea cubby we had laying around.  Until I came across this wallpaper while grocery shopping and things unraveled from there…. 

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