DIY Garage Gym Renovation

I converted my 3 car garage into a multi-purpose room.  It now is our home gym (complete with some gymnastics equipment for our son), my woodworking and craft space, and typical garage storage for things like basketballs, roller skates and bikes.   

You will find tutorials for storage and organization as well as cosmetic touches like updating doors and adding faux brick to the walls. 

Scroll Down and click on an image to get a full tutorial on for each project!


THE PLAN: As you can see this garage was in desperate need of some organization and cleanliness. It’s a large space (which I am incredibly grateful for). However, like most things in our home, the limited storage cabinets and shelving it did contain were underutilized.  I made a list of everything the space needed to include and mapped out my sections. 

My son recently joined a gymnastics team which has become quite competitive, so he has requested some gym equipment for extra training.  Also, my husband has been very heavily hinting he would like an official workout/gym area (he currently has a Peloton in our guest room.) This design included just simple additions like large framed in mirrors, punching bags, weights, chin up bars, rings and space for a mat. 

As I have started to deep dive into DIYing I have amassed a good amount of equipment and tools.  Since I’m crazy new to this venture nothing is organized.  I need space for a mitre station, table saw, and storage for wood, paint and tools. 

Here is where it gets tricky I will need to make space for cars because this is still a garage afterall.  I have a large SUV that can only fit in the large stall and takes up half the garage. My husband’s vehicle is smaller but electric, so he needs a charger.  His can barely make a 5 point turn in our driveway to squeeze into the first stall.  We usually park our cars outside unless its storming or we’re going out of town.  

We also needs storage for typical garage items, like helmets, bikes, gardening and landscaping items, etc. 

Okay so this may not technically be a space, but a big factor of this update is making it look nice.  This included things like adding a faux brick wall, giving the doors a makeover, and some decor and design features. (At some point I’ll refinish the floors)


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